L’Ortopedia del futuro: Funzionale ed Estetica (Ortopedia e Chirurgia Plastica)


Times are changing, now health and beauty must coexist. Patients requiring more and more attention to the outcome of all aesthetic surgical procedures , a time just functional. The modern Orthopedics is no exception to these rules, is adjusting to these new demands and many professionals are approaching this modern approach that assesses the needs of the patient.


The Professor Sandro Rossetti , head of the 1st Division Orthopaedics Hospital “St. Camillo “in Rome, is the pioneer of a new philosophy in the field of orthopedic surgery , where function and aesthetic outcome look in the same direction: the total patient satisfaction.

Several years the famous Roman Orthopaedic relies on the collaboration of dr. Alberto Armellini, Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Graduate School International Aesthetic Medicine, dir.Janiculum Plastic Surgery Institute in Rome. Together, the two “surgeons” have developed a new treatment protocol that involves the interplay of multiple procedures that allow results unimaginable only a few years ago.



Professor Rossetti, how it has changed the `orthopedics in recent years?
L ‘orthopedics has changed significantly with the advent of arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery , this has led to a substantial reduction in surgical wounds and cicatric i. The patient also takes into consideration the cosmetic effect of scarring. Hence the need for collaboration with a plastic surgeon , with a few quick treatments capable of making the invisible scars. The collaboration with theDoctor Alberto Armellini , gave r esults totally unexpected and made too large and disfiguring scars “almost invisible” .


She, for so many years is the reference of orthopedic sports champions and celebrities. E ‘with this type of patients who felt the need to combine function with aesthetics?
Clearly, sports , being young, often ask all’estetic attention to. One can say that the population is not the only sport attentive to these aesthetic results, but it is a wider population that seeks respect for aesthetics.


Dr. Armellini, what kind of demands do orthopedic patients?
After suffering a trauma and performed corrective surgery and subsequent rehabilitation, patients are very attentive to the scarring is derived both from the accident suffered by the operation. The whole often translates into anti aesthetic scars, scarring retraenti restricting the articular mobility , the REGULARITIES of the surface of a limb or more simply hyperpigmentation . Such situations sometimes create major disruption that greatly affect the life of the relationship. A young girl, a woman or any person should never feel disfigured, but must live their physicality with joy, without shame. Modern medicine can not fail to take account of these needs.


What are the procedures most requested?
The surgical revision of scars and Lipostrutturazione sec. Coleman are the interventions most performed, with great satisfaction of the patient and the operator . Are performed in local anesthesiaon an outpatient basis, the convalescence is minimal , and the patient immediately returns to life every day.Added to this are suit a number of medical procedures such as peelings, radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid to enhance the quality of tissues.


What is the Lipostrutturazione and for what type of problem is indicated?
The lipostrutturazione is a transplant of fat just then taken from the same patient. Sampling is done through a small cannula 2mm, the removed tissue is centrifuged to isolate the fatty tissue that is immediately injected in the recipient area. This minimally invasive procedure is excellent in the treatment of all areas affected by the irregularities and depressions . Exceptional is the application of fat just in the treatment of scars retraenti and thickened.


Professor Rossetti, in which direction it is going orthopedics in the future?
Orthopaedics is a branch evolving and the goal is to reduce both surgical times, and the skin incisions. From this comes the need to have on your side, within the team, a plastic surgeon and aesthetic that has knowledge of the latest techniques.